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Monday, January 5, 2015

(Small) Purpose Setting for the New Year

On a road trip that reset this soul of mine last year, and after a long night battling bed bugs and washing my packed existence (including the dog), I found myself leaning on my reloaded car on the side of the road in Monterey Bay, CA just north of Asilomar, overlooking the expanse of the Pacific.  I was present in that moment due to the hilarity of the situation, the emotional strain to which my brain defaulted, and the stunning beauty of the location.   I'm partial to cocoons of cloudy days and the color gray, though.  "This is where you think about life," I thought.

I keep that location in my back pocket to escape from daily monotony, anxiety about starting school (today), and for peace in general.

 I am reading about goal setting, a topic trending in this new year I'm sure, and coming up with realistic and enjoyable goals for The Craft Conspiracy this year.  What I am finding most significant in the readings is not setting goals like, "Sell all the pillows," but finding a purpose.  I started TheCC because I was already sewing and wanted to spread some love to the world.  I began this as a result of friends' encouragement.  I continue this (not for profit), but because I know my strengths.  I am not good at many things, but when my hands and mind are creating, well, I feel at peace; I am most close to the life-reflection bench in Monterey.  

Some thoughts:
"…Your purpose happens in the present, and if the underlying reason you choose some ambitious goal is to consume your focus, it becomes detrimental to your being present here and now" (Source).
"Focusing on goals rather than purpose is epidemic in this world, and ignoring purpose altogether is quite common. So if goals stand in the way of the fulfillment of your purpose, they have to go, and they can go as they are not required" (Source).  
I have not formulated all the small goals I wish to reach to fulfill the purpose of this shop, but I love seeing those I love smile due to whatever I create.  If the purpose of the shop is to create for those I love and to spread some happiness in this (small) world, I feel I am on the right path.


1) Create a pillow per week two pillows per month. This semester of school is going to kick my arse.
2) Encourage more custom orders.
3) Sell at a crafts fair by next Fall, 2015.
4) Speed up the process without losing quality.
5) Get more traffic to the site(s).
6) Get business cards.
7) 100+ likes on the FB!
8) Build separate website

So there's a start.  I can't wait to show some pictures of the custom pillow I am making, but in the meantime, know there's some extra embroidery and scenery involved.  Ha. 

Peace and Purpose to you,

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