Craft Conspiring


Rants about crafting, conniptions about schooling, and love for my dog, this site documents creweling for the kind, hand embroidery for the hopeful, and appliqué for the young at heart.  I don't follow patterns in life, or on pillows.  

Squish it, snuggle it, wear it - my hope is you'll love it.

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The Story: And then she made pillows.

I stuck my head in a thesaurus for a decent amount of time, texted a few fairly confused friends, and finally came up with a shop name that included purpose…and alliteration.   And the shop was born. 

It was after a night writing one too many papers for grad school and appliquéing a gift for a dear friend's baby shower that the seed planted in me all along grew into an idea that reached my legs, then my fingertips, and finally my heart, which then led to crazed planning and, "Guess what I'm going to do!" comments to my husband. But, to the credit of my dear friends and family, I would not have taken the final leap into the void of creation without their approval, love, and encouragement. It's nice to have people who think you can do anything; it's actually, everything.

And so! The Craft Conspiracy went from years of unrelated oil painting, scrapbooking, drawing, and musing into a hobby and activity that makes my head, heart, and hands work together in harmony.

I document the process here.

It's a good life. Seize all the days.