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Saturday, January 3, 2015

OK Fine, I Reflected. 2014 in Pictures.

I told a dear friend I wanted nothing to do with January or resolutions this year, and he graciously talked me off my ledge.  Resolutions are, after all, kind of my thing, right up my alley, you know, generally just a good idea.  And I like those good ideas.  Also:

So anyway, in an effort to reflect and as a result, GROW, I reviewed some pictures in true social-media-age fashion, made the below, and realized just how many firsts for which 2014 was comprised.  And that's kind of, well, thrilling.

I wish you time to reflect, time to grow, and time to take all the actions your soul desires.  All the best for this New Year of 2015 to you.  ALL THE BEST.

Year in Review 2014 from Joanna Moore on Vimeo.

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