Craft Conspiring

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


  1. I am procrastinating like my life depends on not doing what I'm supposed to be doing for school (i.e. writing two more papers due tomorrow).  If my life does depend on not beginning them, I will survive this plight.  With flying colors.
  2. Somewhere between the first seven years of the husband and my relationship and the last four months, I became domesticated.  Help?  I can't tell if this annoys me or makes me feel thrilled that I finally got the point.  I have a load of laundry in the washer, a casserole in the oven, groceries in the fridge, and I already vacuumed today.  (Help.)
  3. Health is something to give thanks for every day.  Not just because you're not sick, but breaths of gratitude should be given because you are mentally sound, physically able to exercise, and generally healthy.  The secret stresses of PTSD, chronic pain, and unexpected health scares provide quick, and often destabilizing perspective.  I'm trying to remember to celebrate those highs, pray through the lows.
  4. We have been waiting since we moved for bedroom furniture, which I got as a birthday gift back in June, and blessed-be, it comes today.  No more living out of Tupperware bins and nightstands made of cardboard boxes that make me spill the glass of water I bring to bed and never drink on a bi-nightly basis.  I don't learn.
  5. Are you still reading this?  
  6. Truckee update:  He's stopped drooling.  I don't know what was wrong with him for those 48 hours, but he seems back to his lackadaisical self.  
  7. Pillow update:  Another pillow is in the works.  I realize the more pillows I create, the higher the liklihood they will sell, and the greater the chance I'll have stock to do fun things like sell at craft fairs, and obviously, the more money I'll make; but I'm busy, man.  I'm getting back to last week's goal of a pillow per week.  I tried sewing on the airplane, but my stitches were caddywhompus and the lady next to me was fairly concerned about her lack of elbow room and the needle flying about.  I would've been too.  
  8. I may be going back to work-for-pay, which is different than school-work-and-volunteering-for-self-fulfillment.  I hope they coexist.
  9. Florida is a fairly glorious state.  We shopped and had girl-time, ate Cuban food, and played cars with the three year old until he needed orange juice and milk shake breaks.  While in Florida, I thought at least 20 times of how I really wanted to take pictures of the Spanish moss draped oak trees.  I didn't take a single one.
  10. And lastly, but most importantly, a reminder, which is mainly for me, to just breath.  I am highly-wired these past couple of weeks and feel like I am swirling down to the stress-filled despair portion of my mentality.  Life is good.  So good.  Shhh, tortured soul.
I will do my best not to post pointless lists in the future about anything and everything that will help me avoid doing school work.

(Until the next list I post.)

Thanks for being you,