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Monday, December 8, 2014


Amidst writing my last final for the schooling and throwing the husband's 40th birthday party, I have sewn around 25 stitches, which is approximately an inch.  An inch closer to finishing another pillow does not a finished pillow make.

But! I have also been doing a great deal of late-night reading.  I am experiencing the type of anxiety where my foot is constantly bouncing, my hands are constantly moving, and my brain is two steps ahead of my actions.  Make that five to seven leaping, lunging, and jumping steps.  Reading helps.  I finished the entire textbook for this current course (not required), read two more Kurt Vonneguts (satire, be still my soul), and actually read three of the holiday catalogs that are jamming our mailbox of late.  Whoever writes all those words in those catalogs, I just want you to know I read them.  HEY, I READ THEM.

Oh, they don't read this blog?

When the husband deployed the first year our marriage back in 2009, I was fortunate enough to help (help is a very loose term here) an organization called Project Happiness with some categorizing and organizing of mailing lists and other administrative activities.  Although with the organization for a short time due to my work schedule, I thought it was spectacular.   You can learn more here, or here!  It's an additive philosophy of living, as opposed to the ever-prevelant negative, punitive, and guilt-ridden forces to which we often listen.  And it's beautiful.

Happy Monday, y'all.  

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