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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Numbered Thoughts and Green Smoothies

I often hit snooze, hit snooze again, then roll over to open my email.   It's seven minutes of complete morning brain time prior to caffeine.  I don't even have to think about sitting upright.  Today I awoke and found this in my email.  It's filled with cheese and cliche statements, is numbered for our convenience, but it reads with a couple curse words and box breakers.  And, I like the guy and appreciate a dose of food-for-thought with a side of vitamins.

Contemplating the article under blankets and morning haze, I remembered what 8-year-old Joanna wanted to do with her life...become an actress on Broadway.  I felt a twinge of sadness thinking about the disappointment that girl would feel.  Then there were a couple other key points that helped bring the sadness into perspective: Don't care what other people think, Do something that makes a difference.

Here's another list: 1) This schooling is going to take 3 years to finish.  2) I have a lot of credentials left to earn.  3) Those who can't do, teach.  4) If I can't make this point in six minutes, I will lose complete interest.

I'm OK with number one; number two I get excited about; screw you, number three; and four, I'm almost done.

I'm creating and living and now am drinking a green smoothie with a dose of caffeine chaser.  Here are a few thoughts from the schooling.


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