Craft Conspiring

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Your Own Creativity and What to Do About It

Yes, you are creative.  You were born to create, innovate, survive, and most importantly, to thrive.  You were born to sink your heels in the sand and say, "No."  You were born to think critically about what you see and feel, and you were given a sense of reasoning to ask, "Why."  You were born to write, to see something from a new angle, you were born to fly, or sing poorly, or laugh.  You were born to invent or use someone else's invention to reach your ever-evolving potential.  You were born to not just sit.  You were born to do.  Whatever it is, do it.

If your brow furrowed at any of the above, I don't blame you, but I hold responsible an environment of standardization and a culture of norms and regulation.  I place emphasis not on our teachers, but a failing system of education that modifies behavior towards conformity and a side of pickled consumerism.  As Sir Ken Robinson states (and I paraphrase): We must involve ourselves in the restless process of our very nature.  We must ignore those individuals who won't move, challenge those who are willing, and listen to those already on their way.

It is essential to fulfill this plight of ours, as humans.

Create, y'all.