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Monday, March 9, 2015

It's Almost Sweet, Sweet Spring

I just received an email stating my Etsy listings were getting ready to expire.  So soon?   I won't bore you and myself with what-if's and should-of's, but let's just say that the business of making pillows is not conducive to the school work, classroom observations, and school volunteering that are currently cluttering my hours to the brim.  Like a full cookie jar, but instead of cookies overflowing the lid, it's educational reform policy, assessment interventions, and the sociological backward-ness of bilingual education.  I'm very grateful to be back in school, but cookies sound so easy at the moment.

The goals for which I was sure I would stick - two pillows a month? sure! - have fallen behind, which is neither to the left nor right, but somewhere beneath my consciousness.  Silly material sitting in that glorious bin in my office, what are you doing there?

Resting.  Peacefully resting before the flurry of creation.

I wrote a classmate that I was floating blissfully drunk and ignorant in a sea of chaotic confusion at the moment.  Time to put on the proverbial sunscreen, if you know what I mean.  That's alright, the wavering equilibrium is good for my muscles, challenging for my brain, and learning to better handle stress is an exercise that would be awesome for me if I actually did that.  Ha.  "This too shall pass," after all.

So for now!  The pillows are stuck in the vibrant and beautiful air of imagination.  I will renew the Etsy listings, and get some more work done in the future.  I have seven weeks left in this one particularly challenging class.  Until then, I release you, pillows.  I'll see you soon.   And who knows, maybe letting go is the catalyst I need to get going again!?  (CHEERS TO CATALYSTS.)

Happy almost Spring.  Boy, does that make me joy-filled.

To the upcoming greener pastures,

P.S.  Have you seen this app!?  Paper 53.  It's remarkable.  I used it to create some faux watercolored eucalyptus trees, for example.  They remind me of elephant feet.

P.S.S.  I just did some smile-ups.  :D

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