Craft Conspiring

Monday, November 24, 2014

DECK THE HALLS - New Etsy Listing!

Bongiorno!  And Happiest of Pre-Holiday Celebrating.

Amidst a night spent in pet emergency with our little Trux (who is fine -- drooling excessively for no apparent reason, but fine), getting ready for the husband's birthday (today), and finishing up some last minute school work prior to our ventures East, this pillow appeared!   Having more time to add details and pour patient love into each new pillow over a whole week's time feels much less rushed and urgent than the first ten creations, which were done with care, mind you, but also an intense deadline.

I am excited about this one.

Check it out on Etsy.  DECK THEM HALLS.

And NEXT on the docket…look at those moose!

Happy Birthday to my one and only.  Happy Thanksgiving to all.