Craft Conspiring

Monday, April 27, 2015

Back to Life

The class.  The class that I spent countless hours wondering how I would get through, keeping my head down so I didn't realize it was taking over my brain, is over.  It took approximately 3.56 months of full mental and time capacity to finish the doozy.  And finish it I did, in every way possible considering by the end of it I was over it x 100.  I was also over the 76 page project that put a bow on the whole thing. A bow is too pleasant a word for that piece.

And my other class is done, too!  So a brief respite I have despite having to study for a state exam coming up this Saturday, and I have a pillow to make!  A Mother's Day pillow, nonetheless.  It should be grand.

Taking off the shackles and letting my tightly wound muscles relax will take a few days, but it feels great to be somewhat free again - in mind and spirit.

I hope you are smiling and are filled with love and joy.