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Monday, December 29, 2014

HipHipHooray It's Christmas Vacation

It is snowing and will be snowing for the foreseeable future (well, through Tuesday), which gives me a fantastic and semi-legitimate excuse to stay homebound with a pair of scissors, paints, and embroidery thread.   Although I need supplies and therefore venturing into the world is probably a good next step, it is going to be difficult.  Relatively speaking.

This last week of breaking for the holiday was relaxing.  We ate too much, opened too many gifts, drove to visit family around Denver, cleaned ice off the windshield wipers, drove some more, and generally indulged.  And, I am so grateful for all of it.  The husband created the below while working out the kinks of his new GoPro.

Over the past several years I developed quite the dislike for the month of January.  As much as I tend to soap-box about life-difficulty solutions, those tricks and tips seem to go to the wayside in the long month of new beginnings.  I'll focus on some dear friends' birthdays this year and school, but I've also lined up a few crafts in addition to the pillows to occupy ze time.  

A collage of these for a bathroom?

Bedroom art?  Inspiration, here.

Gots any craft distractions to share?!  Please do.

Peace and love,

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