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Monday, December 15, 2014

All Things Pillows.

Oh, Hey.  Hi.

Firstly, I am over the moon about the two reviews the shop received! (!!!! - extra exclams!)  The below came in yesterday, hallelujah!

And secondly, a NEW LISTING and PREVIEWS!  That's a fall tablecloth in the below pictures, which indicates how long this pillow has been in progress.  But alas! 'tis finished.


Became this!  Now on Etsy, here!  

This makes me happy because 1) it looks as though these moose are in a snow globe, and 2) it's so very soft.  Soft moose in a snow globe may be an ingredient to life's happiness.

I stuck to chevron, zig-zag loop, and closed buttonhole stitches for this guy.

And lastly, PREVIEWS!  I'm experimenting with new photography software and backdrops, but I think I'll end up just making a new backdrop out of wood…using a hammer…look out.  Pardon the photo quality in the meantime.

(Dog paws not included.)

My wishes to you for peace and holiday joy.  THANK YOU for stopping in.


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