Craft Conspiring

Friday, November 7, 2014

Unstuffed (and Wrinkled) Updates

Hey, Updates.  

While sewing today, my feet started to get excited.  It was that feeling that makes you move them about, or walk around, or jump.  I pushed the school lovin' aside and embroidered for five hours, then used the 1978 Pfaff to very efficiently make progress.  Thanks a lot, electricity.  The date of 11/15 is flying towards me like a crazed bird.  

I'm learning the ins-and-outs of this process, the hours it takes, and the ever-important life-skill of knowing multiple artistic stitches for complete applicability during emergencies.

But, I'm full of contentment.  I realize that hand embroidery is not the most efficient or cost-effective means to create.  The husband asked me the other night if I even enjoyed it, and luckily, for what I am currently considering "work," I bloody love it.  As previous posts acknowledge, and whether it's a product of feeling self-entitled or not, my heart, hands, and head are, after the last seven years of corporate work, in harmony.  It's sigh-filled bliss.

Below are the unstuffed, very wrinkled, and featured in poor daylight versions of 6 of the 10 products for this initial launch.

I'm digging in my heels to slow down time.  11/15, here these come.