Craft Conspiring

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


"A man sees in the world what he carries in his heart." -Johann Wolfgang

Today.  I need at least 500mg of reminders about breathing, not seeking the right answer, or shifting the blame.  A couple doses of gratitude in a to-go cup would do me just fine, as well.  I awoke in a morning funk and immediately thought about a cascading water ride, setting the pace in my classroom in accordance with learning abilities, time, momentum, and engagement, and also, there are nine, stuffed pillows to sew closed.  Caffeine.

Three inches of snow and the three degree temperature cocoon me as I write two papers for school.  This week (and really this past month) are filled with busy minutes, so much so that, as I was driving to pick up pillow stuffing Monday, the increasing number of red stoplights I encountered fueled some pent up rage.

And, well, although traffic signal timing is out of my control--like so many other things--attempting to look at the positive is often my second go to.  So please pardon my cliche-isms, but I need these today.

Some morning reminders on this beautifully cold November of 2014 day:  I am grateful for this moment, because really, it's all I have.

And my go to mentality shifter found here.

Happy, Happy Wednesday, World.