Craft Conspiring

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Gracias, Merci, תודה, Danke, Thank You

Refreshing the Etsy shop was one of the highlights of my day yesterday as hours and numbers climbed. Well, that and SELLING MY FIRST FOUR PILLOWS!  It means that much more that I know where they are going and who will snuggle them, almost down to the exact locations. Thank you, dear friends, for caring, supporting, liking, and following. You mean the world to me.
In excited haste, I also thought it would be a terrific idea to start the diversification my product line to 1) sell items less pricey, and 2) get more traffic to the shop.  On the first day of sales, a note to future Jo, do not start making different items than already offered.  Plan?  Sure.  Execute?  Probably not.  Around 1 p.m. I started asking questions, which eventually, after running on adrenaline for hours and busting my sewing machine needle in half, led to a crash.  I came-to lying face down on the rug near the back door holding Truckee's paw like a lifeline.  

What was I thinking of selling?  Pardon the yellow, tabletop pictures, but you can kind of get the idea.  I've stored this project in my back pocket since I made a version for my house back in 2011.  It is not your traditional advent calendar offering a piece of candy each day that passes, it's glittery and adult-ish.  (Eh, hem.  Right?)

Each day you remove an ornament from the countdown and add it to a simple wreath.  As someone who thoroughly enjoys the satisfaction of a crossed-off list, this makes my insides happy.

It could be sold as a DIY kit, or pattern, or just a free suggestion, which is all it is at this point.  (Don't mention it.)

I have ideas and planning in the works for the pillows and some other thoughts up my sleeve:  kits, patterns, and cases alike.  

So again, I wanted to share the roller coaster of emotion of the first day (ha!), but most importantly, Thank You for your love.  I'm feeling it ten-fold these days and I am so grateful.

Lots and lots of love,