Craft Conspiring

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Phase 2, Complete

I think.  Who am I kidding.  (Myself, is that answer...)

Fitting puzzle pieces onto applique, the satisfying sound of separating ironed paper and material, self-massaging shoulders, watching fall succumb to the upcoming cold, focusing on getting through these first 10 -- it's been joy-filled.  A joy-filled mess.

On a side note, the ironing board I'm using wobbles and breaths with each iron exhale of steam.  I covered it with a gray cotton sheet in hopes to not stain it's green upholstery flowers with applique and material glue, pretty much to no avail.  The blessed board is working on it's 8th year in my presence, and at least it's 15th year with the husband.  It was the only piece of furniture in his home, less his mattress and box spring, when we first met.  The board held the old Mac computer we used to watch movies, mason jars filled with wine, or water, coffee mugs in the morning, and often his dress shirts after a long day's work, or prior to a starch spray, pre-school-day ironing session.  

It's a good board.  I take back every time I thought of getting a new one due to the aforementioned wobble.

I think there are five phases of this project I am launching.  And if I think that, I also think I just finished one of the more labor intensive tasks.  And if I think that, I'm not halfway.  And, oh no, emboirdery is next (help).  And also, phase five is the shipping task, so maybe I am getting ahead of myself.  Four phases?  Please purchase.  

Love, Your Public Service Announcer and Creweler,