Craft Conspiring

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I'm Sewing Analogies

Switching gears, like that clunky chain transition on an old bicycle, seems to be a rusty endeavor for this head.  Cutting material, tutoring, reading for the schooling, writing for the schooling, cutting material--feels like stretching and gaining more muscles, but without the bonus of obtaining a great physique.

I feel like my brain is a forest in seasonal transition hit with crisp sunlight that illuminates a small respite of crimson and ochre foliage, but most of the thick trees are left in the dark.  Those rays elucidate the ensuing fall.  Wait.  Change to autumn.  Upcoming transition to cold, lonely winter.  Wait.  The sunlight shows the transition that leads to New Growth.  There it is.  (Here's hoping.)

Other than offering snuggles and a discerning eye by way of a high-pitched yawn, Truckee is a less than helpful shop apprentice.

Keeping this train a-rollin'.  Here's some images from the workspace.