Craft Conspiring

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Truculent Futz.

This one morning around 8:15 a.m. I was inspired by a bunch of writers who used words like Totally and Like and Stoked.  And this one morning was today.  And this inspiration was something I am going to wrastle into being by overriding the auto-correct, abandoning the inhibition that comes in the form of that little voice in my head that says, "No, what? No. Don't." and I'm going to try.  My self-proclaimed-yet-stagnant, embarrassingly-relevant-continual-revelation that I Must and Shall do what I absolutely love in order to be in harmony with that person who is ever-changing and volatile…well that gaspingly long exclamation will be marched into action.  Today.  DO IT.  I will create.  I will create for myself first, for the people I can ask and have them tell me honestly if it sucks or not secondly, and thirdly, hopefully, for you.  YOUUUUU OUT THERRRRE.  Whoever you are.  I have this thing I wanna share, and it's crafty, and it's me.  And this is it.

Do I need a domain?  Shhhh.

In grad school the proverbial 'they' teach you to write in absurd quantities.  What I have come to realize with art and life and love is that if you do anything in absurd quantities, some of it will end up being on the upside of the judgment pendulum, and I!  I! Will be sharing it all!  If I write this down with such proclamation it's bound to happen.  Right?  Hello?

Here are some info-graphics from ze learning.  36 months of grad school, 8 of those down.  Ew, when you put it like that…

Onward.  Upward.  Peace be with you.